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Himala Salt

Himala Salt Sea Salt Coarse Grain Box 7 oz Salt

Himala Salt

Himala Salt Sea Salt Coarse Grain Box 7 oz Salt

Barcode: 649241838111
Size: 7 oz
Form: Salt

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Sea Salt Coarse Grain Box 7 oz Salt


HimalaSalt was created 250 million years ago, during a time of pristine environmental integrity. Hand-harvested from a protected source deep within the exotic and remote Himalayas, HimalaSalt remains free of impurities, unlike refined table salt or salt from today's widely polluted oceans.

HimalaSalt's rare, gorgeous pink color stems from its naturally high content of wholesome essential minerals, of which our bodies are made and require for wellbeing. HimalaSalt is never heat treated or processed, it is slowly stone-ground to retain its full potency of rich essential minerals, delicious, full flavor, and health giving alkaline properties.


Himalayan pink sea salt.

  • The Purest Grade Available
  • All Natural, Unrefined, No Additives
  • Sustainably Sourced, Naturally Packaged
  • Hand-Harvested from a Protected Source
  • Stone-Ground to Retain Essential Minerals
  • Gorgeous Pink Color, Delicious, Full Flavor
  • Made by 100% Green-e Certified Wind and Solar Energy

WarningsKeep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements, consult your healthcare professional before use. See product label for more information.