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Alaffia Handwoven Authentic African Oval Basket 1


Alaffia Handwoven Authentic African Oval Basket 1

Barcode: 841320100496
Size: 1
Form: Bag

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Handwoven Authentic African Oval Basket 1 Bag


Oval baskets full of colorful fabrics are traditionally part of dowries in West Africa. Created in in Bolgatanga, Ghana in 12 villages with more than 5,000 women basket weavers, the Alaffia weavers work independently in a creative process. Members of Alafa basket cooperatives receive fair wages and health care for their families in return for indigenous skills and knowledge. The weavers craft the baskets in their own homes, and Alaffia collects the baskets once they are completed. This gives the weaver flexibility to work at a pace that is convenient for her, her farm, family and social community duties. Because Alaffia collects the baskets at the weavers homes, the women do not have to sell their baskets at the open market as is the case for weavers that are not part of the Alaffia Collectives. This exchange empowers West African communities and preserves cultural heritage.

Each basket is completely unique and the leather tag inside is personally signed by weaver. Made with wild-harvested Savannah grass.

Please note that given the unique handcrafted nature of each basket, there are no two alike. Colors and patterns will vary.

Care and Use

To reshape your basket, spray lightly with water, shape and air dry thoroughly. Avoid direct light for best color retention


height of 17 inches, width of 8 inches, depth of 11 inches

WarningsKeep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements, consult your healthcare professional before use. See product label for more information.