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Amazing Grass

Amazing Grass Grass & Shrooms 5.29 oz Powder

Amazing Grass

Amazing Grass Grass & Shrooms 5.29 oz Powder

Barcode: 829835007653
Size: 5.29 oz
Form: Powder

Grass & Shrooms 5.29 oz Powder

Product Description

For over 3 generations we've organically grown nutrient-rich cereal grasses on our family farm in Kansas. Organic Grass & Shrooms combines our farm fresh greens with six functional mushrooms for the ultimate boost to your daily routine.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Teaspoon 5g Servings Per Container 30

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value***

Total Fat 0g 0%

Sodium 10mg 0%

Total Carbohydrates 3g 1%

Dietary Fiber 2g 7%

Protein 1g

Calcium 60mg 4%

iron 1.4 mg 8%

Potassium 140mg 3%

Vitamin as 70mcg 8%

Vitamin C 22mg 24%

Vitamin K 139mcg 117%

Not a significant source of saturated fat,trans fat,cholesterol,total sugars,added sugars and vitamin D
***Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet

Other Ingredientsorganic wheat grass,organic alfalfa,organic barley grass,organic mushroom blend cordyceps militaris,ganoderma lucidum reish ,agaricus blazei hime-matsutake ,lentinula edodes shitake ,grifola frondosa maitake ,Trametes versicolor turkey tail ,acerola extract

WarningsKeep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements, consult your healthcare professional before use. See product label for more information.