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Kokoro Balance Creme-Women's - Limit 5 per order 2 oz Cream


Kokoro Balance Creme-Women's - Limit 5 per order 2 oz Cream

Barcode: 659786576539
Size: 2 oz
Form: Cream

Every company will tell you their product is "the best." If they didn't, they should be doing something else. At Kokoro, we're the exception we'll let you decide who's "best." I'll tell you why Kokoro is different.

In 1995 there were very few companies in the progesterone cream business. Finding a quality cream was close to impossible. In fact, I drove to every health food store within 30 miles of my home looking for any cream recommended by John R. Lee, MD.

Guess what? Not a single progesterone cream was available. Once I saw how effective topical natural progesterone skin creams were, I knew something had to be done about this in ability to find a good cream.

Like you, I did my homework. I quickly realized Dr. Lee was a major influence with women and anything I did at Kokoro had to meet or beat Dr. Lee's suggestions.

Women's Balance Creme was the genesis of this effort. I knew that Kokoro's progesterone cream would never be the oldest product in the market I was too late for that and we would never be the largest company I wasn't interested in becoming the largest company . That only left the one option that I felt was important QUALITY.

Commitment To Quality

Once you get past the glitter of marketing and hype you always come back to the quality of the product. The old adage of "you get what you pay for" is true in every facet of llife and progesterone creams are no exception.

I learned that the difference between a good product, a great product, and even a poor product was often only a few cents in the manufacturing process. If this is, in fact, true, then why not spend a few pennies more, have a superior product, and then let the "profitability difference" take care of itself?

In the first three years of Kokoro's life, I went through five generations of cream development. Each time we got a little better. Today our progesterone cream has been called by one of my competitors "one of the top three creams sold in the United States." I wonder who number two and three are? -

"Recommended By Dr. Lee"

I think my committment to quality was instrumental in having our cream listed in Dr. Lee's "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause' book late in 1996. We've been recommended in each of his books ever since. Women's Balance Creme has also been recommended by other nationally recognized experts and authors. A partial list includes Marcus Laux, ND; Raquel Martin, Judi Gerstung, DC, Sherrill Sellman, ND; and others.


Providing our customers with a feeling of trust that what they see on the label is what they get in the jar is important. At Kokoro, we are often asked this question

What are the ingredients in your cream?

Deionized Water, Wild Yam Extract, Glycerin vegetable derived , Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides coconut derived , Safflower Oil, Squalane Olive Oil derived , Cetyl Alcohol vegetable derived , Progesterone USP 1.85% - 1,020 mg - wild yam derived , Cetearyl Alcohol vegetable derived , Dex Panthanol vitamin B-5 , Allantoin sugar beet derived , Xanthan Gum seaweed , Retinyl Palmitate vitamin A , Hydroxyethylcellulose plant fibers , Phenoxyethanol preservative .

While the above ingredients are a specific list, know that Women's Balance Creme is plant based, with a natural, full-spectrum preservative that is also plant based.

Equally important to knowing what is in a cream is to know What ingredients have you left out of your cream?

Some ingredients used in cosmetics and other natural progesterone creams are chemical-derived, are known to have allergic reactions, may be carcinogenic or have other negative attachments. Some of the ingredients that are purposely excluded from Women's Balance Creme put it in a class of its own.