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Stash Tea

Stash Tea Black Tea-Irish Breakfast 20 Bag

Stash Tea

Stash Tea Black Tea-Irish Breakfast 20 Bag

Barcode: 077652082326
Size: 20
Form: Bag

A rich, robust morning cup. Delicious with milk.

Stash Irish Breakfast Tea

The Irish have always been great tea drinkers. They drink their tea brewed very strong. In fact, there is a common saying among the Irish that a proper cup of tea should be "strong enough for a mouse to trot on".

Irish Breakfast, with its robust flavor, is usually enjoyed only in the morning except for the Irish who drink it all day . Usually it is blended with an Assam tea base. Assam is a district in northeastern India that lies on the Indian-Burmese border. It produces more black tea than any other area on earth, with the probable exception of a few places in China. Assam's tea gardens cover some four hundred thousand acres of verdant rolling plains on both sides of the mighty Brahmaputra River. Assam is proof that not all fine quality tea has to be high grown. This rainy valley is the birthplace of Indian tea. Robert Bruce discovered the plant growing wild here in 1823, and the first commercial lot of tea ever produced outside of China -- eight chests in all -- came from Assam in 1839.

For our Irish breakfast tea, we use high quality, full bodied, robust Assam teas. The resulting blend is a dark brown tippy leaf that brews up a deep red liquor that is hearty, malty and rich in flavor. This tea is delicious with milk and sugar.