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di Prima

di Prima Cedar Cotton Elastic-Large-Black 1

di Prima

di Prima Cedar Cotton Elastic-Large-Black 1

Barcode: 812273010309
Size: 1
Form: Band

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Cedar Cotton Elastic-Large-Black 1 Band

Product Description

We call these Elasties because they last virtually forever. The diPRIMA elasties wont break the hair or cause pain when removing as there is no rubber used to pull on the hair. Our elastics are constructed from soft nylon spandex and washable cotton and natural fibers help to secure a snug and comfortable hold.

Reduce Consumption

Our manufactures use heat and cooling systems that are temperature controlled, lowered or turned off at night, weekends and holidays. The water for cooling machinery is reused continuously from a 15,000 gallon closed water circuit which is fed, due to evaporation, by fresh rain water from rooftops.

Limit Waste

100% of any faulty or defective products and byproducts are sorted and the plastics are regrinded and recycled for other productions. 100% of our papers and used cardboard packaging are given to a paper recycling plan

Environment-Friendly Materials

Our manufacturers plastic material is cellulose acetate, a cotton based, nonpetroleum compostable material. They use liquid dyes that are solely water based with no heavy metals. Our professional brush handles are made from ecofriendly cork. All of our ingredients are 100% European

  • For All Hair Types
  • To secure a ponytail
  • Made From cotton/poly blend
  • Made In Italy
  • Large

WarningsKeep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements, consult your healthcare professional before use. See product label for more information.