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Enzymedica Digest Gold Pillbox 21 Capsules Box


Enzymedica Digest Gold Pillbox 21 Capsules Box

Barcode: 670480241509
Size: 21 Capsules
Form: Box

Nutritional Information
Serving Size 1 capsule
Amount Per Capsule

Amylase Thera-blend
Lipase Thera-blend
Cellulase Thera-blend
Beta Glucanase

23,000 DU
80,000 HUT
200 DP
50 AG
450 GALU
3,500 FCCFIP
3,000 CU
900 ALU
25 BGU
550 XU
45 endo-PGU
30 HCU
This product contain s no fillers.

Digest Gold represents the most potent digestive enzyme on the market. It has been formulated to assist in digesting proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fiber.*

Digest Gold differs from regular Digest in a couple of important ways. First, it contains four more enzymes than Digest. These enzymes help with digestion of soluble and insoluble fiber, along with beta-glucan and carbohydrate metabolism. The second difference is the increase in active units. Digest Gold is approximately three times stronger than Digest in most categories.

The reasons for the above differences are simple. Our regular Digest is designed and recommended for individuals who want to fully benefit from the nutrients in the foods they consume, decrease the amount of energy the body utilizes in digestion, increase enzyme potential and support all functions of the body with a high quality digestive enzyme blend. Digest Gold, on the other hand, was formulated to address the more serious issues some of our customers are dealing with. It will do everything Digest does and more. Since the formula is more potent and contains several more enzymes, fewer capsules are required. One per meal is usually sufficient to address even the most serious digestive issue.*

Digest Gold is also ideal for anyone suffering from health issues not associated necessarily with digestion. When stress is reduced to the system responsible for breaking down and assimilating the foods consumed, more energy and thus more metabolic enzymes are made available to other systems of the body responsible for overall health. This includes but is not limited to the immune system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, nervous system, etc. Obviously, since Digest Gold is the most potent enzyme blend on the market it would serve as the best choice.

Digest Gold is a good choice for people who are lipase deficient see The Enzyme Deficiency Test . It contains 3,000 FCCFIP active units of the enzyme lipase per capsule. Lipase is the enzyme responsible for breaking down fats, lipids and triglycerides. The person considering Digest Gold for this reason should also consider 1 capsule of Lypo Gold, three times a day on an empty stomach. This will supply more lipase to the body through the circulatory system for a greater therapeutic effect.*

Acid Soothe may also be recommended after each meal for the symptoms of heartburn, gastritis, IBS, and other inflammatory issues.*

Digest Goldis ideal for anyone suffering from health issues not necessarily associated with digestion. Digest Goldrepresents the most potent digestive enzyme formula available. It has been formulated to assist in digesting proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fiber.Digest Goldis more potent than Digest. It contains 4 more enzymes and is approximately 3 times stronger than Digestin most categories.

Suggested Use Take 1 capsule at the beginning of each meal. More may be taken if needed.