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Herbs of Light

Herbs of Light Himalayan Crystal Salts-Amber Jar Coarse 1.25 lbs Coarse Salt

Herbs of Light

Herbs of Light Himalayan Crystal Salts-Amber Jar Coarse 1.25 lbs Coarse Salt

Barcode: 761972147918
Size: 1.25 lbs
Form: Coarse Salt

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Himalayan Crystal Salt is the most beneficial, purest saltavailable on our planet. It is totally unpolluted without anyenvironmental impact. It was formed at a time when theearth was pristine, some 250 million years ago. When thesun dried up the ancient primal sea, it left this pristine salt.It contains every mineral element found within the humanbody.

All emergency room patients are immediately hooked up toan IV saline solution of water and salt to start all energeticand chemical processes. This also starts killing pathogens within the body. This is similar to why NativeAmericans used salt to preserve meat from bacteria. Please see our website for additional informationconcerning high blood pressure, the 84 electrolytic minerals, etc. This salt affects all bacteria greatly andis non toxic, unlike the USP tablet.

Himalayan Crystal Salt vs. Table Salt

 Dr. Suzanne Oparil, past president of the American Heart Association, said that the government had beentoo quick to recommend that the public cut back so dramatically on the intake of table salt. An eight yearstudy on people with hypertension in New York City showed that those on low-salt diets had more thanfour times as many heart attacks as those on toxic table salt diets. This is the opposite of what the salthypothesis predicted in 1995. WE NEED GOOD SALT!

Table salt is toxic. It can keep us from an ideal fluid balance and can overburden our eliminationsystems. When table salt is chemically cleaned through a process using 1,200F, it divides and isolatesthe sodium and chloride bond, becoming a foreign substance to the body. This, along with the potentiallytoxic chemicals iodine and fluoride, adds to the foreign chemicals the body defends itself from and has toexcrete.

This creates the potential for rheumatism and gout, kidney and gall bladder stones, unattractive celluliteand hypertensive blood pressure effects, as discussed by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Osteopath, M.D.Note Sea Salt or Celtic Salt has become less effective, since our oceans are now the main dumping grounds for harmful, toxicpoisons like mercury, PCBs, dioxin, oil spills, etc. Almost 90% of all sea salt producers now refine their salt.Health and Himalayan Crystal SaltHimalayan Crystal Salt Benefits include.bacteria die-off, asthmatic attack stoppage, healthybalanced ph, diabetes assistance, increased cellular energy, reduced signs of aging, blood sugar healthpromotion, intestinal tract absorption, respiratory health promotion, sinus health assistance, reducedmuscle cramps, bone density promotion, sleep assistance, libido support, vascular health assistance andblood pressure regulating assistance.

 Himalayan Salts crystalline structure stores vibrational energy while its minerals and trace elements arein colloidal form. This allows for easy cellular absorption. It is also difficult for the cells to absorb toomuch Himalayan Crystal Salt, since the body has powerful and effective feedback loops that regulate thisprocess. It promotes balance and does not contribute to high blood pressure, unlike table salt.

Herxheimer reactions bacterial die-off will occur, especially from the kidneys when larger dosesare taken without enough water.Salt is one of the worlds finest bactericides. It was used by Native Americans to preserve meat. Many ofour theological doctrines encourage us to go to the sea for healing. This, along with studying how salthas assisted people greatly with Lyme disease, allows us to know that ingredients in nature are truly ourbest medicines.

SOL BATH For a cleansing Himalayan Crystal Salt sol bath, pour our salt 2.4 lbs. into a normal size bath 28gal. and then fill with 98-100F water. The suggested 1% solution is 1.28 oz. of salt per 1 gal. of water .

DETOX Soak for approximately 30 min. Do not add anything else to the bathwater. Dry off with a towel andthen rest for an additional 30 min. A 30-minute sol has the cleansing effect of a 3-day water fast, without thediscomfort of fasting. For greatest detoxification, soak during a new moon.

MINERAL ABSORPTION Our Himalayan Crystal Salt capsules provide the most effective mineralsupplementation, but our sol is also an excellent choice. Soak during a full moon for the best absorption of the 84electrolytic minerals contained within this amazing salt.

Note Consult your health physician if pregnant. This salt does not contain any iodine.Assorted seaweeds should be ingested to obtain this natural chemical.

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