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LifeTime Liquid Resveratrol 32 oz Liquid


LifeTime Liquid Resveratrol 32 oz Liquid

Barcode: 053232290398
Size: 32 oz
Form: Liquid

The Antioxidant Power of Red Wine!

LifeTimes Resveratrol Life Tonicis a groundbreaking liquid supplement that provides top-quality nutritional support for cardiovascular health, healthy aging, and more!  By now youve heard it through the grapevine   Moderate red wine consumption is good for you, and the health-promoting phytonutrient resveratrol is the reason why.  In fact, the resveratrol found in red wine is thought to account for the so-called French Paradox the finding that consumption of red wine has contributed to better cardiovascular health in the French population.*

All-natural, Resveratrol Life Tonic delivers a powerful dose of resveratrol, packing highly concentrated nutritional benefits of red wine into each luscious liquid serving!  Even better, Resveratrol Life Tonics highly concentrated liquid form enables the body to absorb this nutrition quickly and completelyfor results you can count on!

Resveratrol Life Tonic is the easy liquid solution for bringing resveratrols amazing nutritional health benefits into your life!  Perfect for boosting juices, supercharging smoothies, powering-up protein shakes or straight from the bottle, luscious mangosteen-flavored Resveratrol Life Tonicis the ultimate liquid resveratrol supplement!

An amazing 300 mg of resveratrol extract in each one-ounce serving

Satisfies the senses with its delicious flavor

Provides high antioxidant activity that may deliver powerful and diverse protective support to the heart and blood vessels*

Supplies a rich source of polyphenols - dynamic antioxidants that protect the cells and tissues from free radical damage*

May be an effective component in an overall nutritional wellness approach for longevity & anti-aging*

Studies suggest resveratrol may boost cellular energy and increase exercise endurance, thereby supporting fat burning and weight management efforts*