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PlantFusion Complete Meal Chocolate Caramel Box 12 ct Packet


PlantFusion Complete Meal Chocolate Caramel Box 12 ct Packet

Barcode: 890985001563
Size: 12 ct
Form: Packet

Complete Meal Chocolate Caramel Box

Nature's Most Complete Plant Protein

100% Plant-Based Whole Food Meal Shake, The Everything Shake, Plant-Based Protein - 18G, Whole Food Vitamins - 21, Complex Carbs - 17G, Probiotics, Greens & Fiber - 6G, Omega 3-6-9 - 4.4G, Gluten Free / No Dairy / No Soy / No Animal / Hypoallergenic

If you could only take one supplement, what would it contain?

Balanced complete proteins- Complex nutrient-dense carbs- Essential fats rich in omega 3's- Organic wholefood sources of vitamins and minerals- Probiotics, enzymes, fiber, and a powerful phytonutrient blend of greens- And lets also make it entirely from raw plant-based ingredients, free of major allergens, completely non-GMO. This is Phood

More Than A Meal In Every Scoop

PlantFusion Infused Protein Blend- High In Fiber- More Than Greens- Digestive Enzymes- Complex Nutrient-Dense Carbs- Healthy Fats- Probiotics- Organic Whole Food Vitamins

Suggested Use As a dietary supplement Add two scoops to 12 oz of chilled water in a shaker cup or blender and mix for about 5 seconds - Or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Packet Servings Per Container 12

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value***

Calories 200

Calories From Fat 60

Total Fat 7 g 11%

Saturated Fat 1 g <1%

Cholesterol 0 g 0%

Sodium 320 mg 13%

Potassium 130 mg 1%

Total Carbohydrates 17 g 6%

Dietary Fiber 6 g 24%

Sugars less Than 1 g

Protein 18 g 34%

Vitamin A 5%

Calcium 2%

Vitamin D 85%

Thiamin 480%

Niacin 80%

Folic Acid 90%

Biotin 20%

Phosphorus 26%

Magnesium 2%

Selenium 26%

Chromium 2%

Vitamin C 125%

Iron 2%

Vitamin E 85%

Riboflavin 550%

Vitamin B6 610%

Vitamin B12 30%

Pantothenic Acid 170%

Vitamin K 9%

Zinc <2%

Molybdenum 2%

PlantFusion Multi-Source Protein Blend Pea, Artichoke, Organic Sprouted Amaranth, Organic Sprouted Quinoa, Algalin and a proprietary amino acid blend of Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine, Glutamine and Glycine. 19595 mg

Organic SuperPhood Energy Matrix ModCarb Organic Oat Bran, Organic Amaranth, Organic Quinoa, Organic Buckwheat, Organic Millet, and Organic Chia , and Baobab Fruit. 10575 mg

Land & Sea EFA Blend Flax, Algalin, and Sunflower providing 4,400mg of Omega 3-6-9 . 5187 mg

Whole Food Multi Vitamin/Mineral with Greens Complex Organic Blend of Guava, Lemon, Sesbania, Alma, Holy Basil, Annatto and Sprouted Broccoli, Watercress, Daikon Radish, Kale, Mustard, Red Clover, and Cauliflower . 411 mg

Probiotic, Digestive Enzyme Blend Complex LactoSpore probiotics Lactobacillus sporogenes and Bacillus coagulans, 1 Billion potency , Alpha galactosidase, and Bromelain. 109 mg

***Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet

Other IngredientsInulin, cocoa, stevia, erythritol, natural chocolate flavor, natural caramel flavor, silica, vitamin D3 cholecalciferol , lo han guo and xanthan gum.

Does Not ContainSugar, dairy, wheat, gluten, eggs, peanuts, soy, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

WarningsKeep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements, consult your healthcare professional before use. See product label for more information.