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Arizona Natural Products

Arizona Natural Products Allirich Garlic 500mg 200 Capsules

Arizona Natural Products

Arizona Natural Products Allirich Garlic 500mg 200 Capsules

Barcode: 046802102504
Size: 200
Form: Capsule

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Arizona Natural Garlic

Why Buffered is Better!!

Arizona natural Products has been manufacturing allicin rich, deodorized garlic supplements for over 20 years now. The fact is, we invented them! In these past 20 years garlic supplements have grown to be one of America's most popular herbs and its now available in dozens of forms and potencies. With such a wide selection of "deodorized" garlic products suddenly appearing to exploit garlic's raising popularity, it becomes hard to distinguish one brand from another.

The most popular methods of deodorizing garlic fall into three categories Aged Extracts, Enteric Coated tablets and Buffered tablets and capsules. The aging method simply removes the allicin along with the garlic odor. Allicin is a double edged sword in that it is garlic's most active and beneficial compound yet also responsible for the strong odor. These aged extracts do contain some of garlic's other sulfur compounds, but without allicin the antimicrobial activity is limited.

Enteric Coating is a method of wrapping an acid resistant shell around a garlic tablet so that it does not digest until it reaches your intestines. This simple process accounts for the invasion of "me too" garlic formulas because it is sure to hide the odor, regardless of the quality of the garlic powder used. These products do typically retain the allicin.

Buffering is the only method that retains the allicin yet still allows the garlic to follow your natural digestive pathways. Garlic is a food, after all, and for optimum absorption the disintegration of a garlic tablet should begin before the intestines. Natural buffering uses special citrus extracts that adjust the supplement's pH to control the formation of odorous sulfides. Just like the food you eat, buffered garlic supplements are reduced by acids and enzymes so your body can use the beneficial nutrients and sulfur compounds.

Another significant advantage of a buffered garlic product like Arizona Natural is the wide variety of supplement forms that are available. Buffered garlic is equally effective in tablets, capsules or soft gel caps, and can be mixed with virtually any other herb or vitamin.

Allirich soft gels are the original allicin rich deodorized garlic supplements. Each easy to swallow capsule is buffered to be odor free following consumption.