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Crystal Star

Crystal Star Hemr-Ez Relief 90 Capsule

Crystal Star

Crystal Star Hemr-Ez Relief 90 Capsule

Barcode: 747889025006
Size: 90
Form: Capsule

Hemr-Ez Relief Capsules

Helps tone and soothe rectal tissue by suppyling the body with anti-inflammatory and soothing herbs. Can also be used topically. Simply mix the contents of an opened capsule with cocoa butter and apply to affected area.*

Take 2 to 3 caps daily as needed no more than 6 daily.

Vitamin C/Bioflavonoid Blend: Amla Bry. (Emblica o.), Rose Hips (Rosa c.), Hawthorn B/L/F (Crataegus p.), Sea Buckthorn Bry. (Hippophae r.); Vascular Strengthener/EFA Blend: Kelp (Ascophyllum n.), Green Tea Lf. Ext. (Camellia s.), Horse Chestnut Ext. (Aesculus h.); Stone Rt. (Collinsonia c.); Goldenseal Rt. (Hydrastis c.); Slippery Elm Brk. (Ulmus r.); Borage Sd. (Borago o.); Cranesbill Herb (Geranium m.); Prickly Ash Brk. (Xanthoxylum a.); Myrrh Gum (Commiphora m.); Witch Hazel Hrb. (Hamamelis v.); Butchers Broom Herb (Ruscus a.); Bilberry (Vaccinium m.); Ginger Rt. (Zingiber o.); Rosemary Lf. (Rosmarinus o.); Lobelia Herb (Lobelia i.); Capsicum Annuum.

What is it?
A Combination Herbal Remedy Formula designed to soothe and relieve the discomforts of hemorrhoids.

What does it do?
Offers relief from hemorrhoid inflammation by supplying the body with anti-inflammatory and pain relieving herbs. Can also be used topically for immediate relief. Simply mix contents of an open capsule with coco butter, wheat germ oil, or vaseline and apply to affected area.

What are The Features and Benefits?

Features Benefit
Slippery Elm Reduces pain by soothing the membranes of the colon and rectum.
Stone Root Contains a high mucilage content which provides emollient and wound healing properties.
Herbal content can be used externally Strong demulcent effect can be used as a poultice or in an ointment for immediate results.

Who is it for?
People looking for an effective all natural remedy to relieve the discomforts of hemorrhoids.

Did you know that Crystal Star Herbal Nutrition uses 100% Vegetarian Capsules?
In keeping in line with the high quality and cleanliness of our herbal ingredients, we found it only appropriate to use Vegetarian Capsules. Vegetarian Capsules are made from plant fibers, and are free of animal by-products, sugar, starches, and preservatives. Vegetarian Capsules increase product bio-activity, as a result of their faster rate of dissolution.

California residents Prop 65 Warning: ⚠This product can expose you to lead, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go