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Kyolic Kyo-Greens Blend Energy 180 Tablets


Kyolic Kyo-Greens Blend Energy 180 Tablets

Barcode: 023542700320
Size: 180
Form: Tablet

Organically grown barley grass and wheat grass, Pacific kelp, brown rice, and the treasured green algae, broken cell wall chlorella. Tasty, natural source of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll. Two 2 teaspoons provide the nutrients of a serving of deep green leafy vegetables. The barley and wheat grass are harvested at the peak of their nutritional value in the fertile Nasu Highlands of Japan. Premium chlorella is grown in natural mineral springs. The kelp is harvested from the northern Pacific. FOS is a great prebiotic, or food for friendly flora in the intestinal tract. Licorice is known for its famous anti-inflammatory potential. In addition, it proves beneficial as an anti-peptic ulcer agent, as an antioxidant, and remedy for many infectious diseases. Vitamin C and Beta-carotene increase nutrition and add extra antioxidant power. Laboratory analysis confirms product to be gluten free. Kyo-Green's unique combination works more effectively than any single individual component taken by itself giving Kyo-Green an advantage over other products which contain just single ingredients. Also available in tablets.

SUGGESTED USE  Kyo-Green is best used on an empty stomach

Powder   As a beverage, mix one teaspoon of powder with 6-8 oz one cup of cold juice or water for a tasty refreshing drink. 

Tablets    Take 6 or more tablets daily with your favorite beverage.  


*Other ingredients include potato starch, vitamin C, beta-carotene, licorice extract and guar gum.



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