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Aura Cacia

Aura Cacia Spearmint Essential Oil 0.5 oz Oil

Aura Cacia

Aura Cacia Spearmint Essential Oil 0.5 oz Oil

Barcode: 051381911379
Size: 0.5 oz
Form: Oil

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Spearmint Essential Oil 0.5 oz Oil

Product Description

Spearmint Mentha spicata essential oil is ideal for gentle applications. Its cooling properties make it great for energy support and body care. Of the mints, spearmints gentler nature makes it more suitable for children and the elderly, compared to its counterpart peppermint.

Aura Cacia Spearmint Essential Oil is distilled from the native northwestern variety of spearmint grown in the United States, yielding a distinct buttery, sweet aroma.


Mentha spicata spearmint oil.

Product Features

  • Spearmint essential oil has a sweet, fresh and minty aroma.
  • Spearmint blends well with many other essential oils including lavender, rosemary, lavandin, eucalyptus, jasmine, sage, lime, basil, peppermint and vanilla. Its also a wonderful standalone aroma.
  • Spearmint essential oils softer, gentler nature lends well to bath blends, refreshing diffusions and gentle body care products.
  • Spearmint is generally considered a top note.

Directions There are so many ways to use essential oils. The above suggested uses are just an introduction to a wide variety of quick tips and recipes at Because essential oils are highly concentrated, we recommend diluting them in a carrier product like skin care oil, water, unscented lotion, or unscented liquid soap. Follow this guide for safe, effective use. Suggested Uses Quick Tip Blend 24 drops with 2 fluid ounces water in a mist bottle for a refreshing room spray. Recipe Uplifting Massage Oil Ingredients 24 drops Aura Cacia Spearmint Essential Oil 2 ounces Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Oil 2-ounce Aura Cacia Amber Glass Bottle with Writable Label Directions In bottle, combine oils. Replace lid, shake until well blended, then massage into muscles and joints.

Other IngredientsMentha spicata

WarningsKeep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements, consult your healthcare professional before use. See product label for more information. CAUTION IF PREGNANT, SUFFERING FROM ANY MEDICAL CONDITION, OR TAKING MEDICATION, CONSULT A HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONER BEFORE USE.DILUTE PROPERLY MAY IRRITATE SKINNOT FOR INTERNAL USEKEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN