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Organic India

Organic India Tulsi Tea Original 18 Bags

Organic India

Organic India Tulsi Tea Original 18 Bags

Barcode: 801541500000
Size: 18
Form: Bags

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A Delicious blend of Rama, Krishna and Vana Tulsi
Holy Basil
leaves and blossoms.


Delicious, fragrant, exquisite the finest Rama, Krishna and Vana Tulsi leaves and blossoms are expertly blended to create a soothing, uplifting, full-bodied beverage that is inspiringly fresh and flavorful. Tulsi, 'The Queen of Herbs' encourages tranquility, clarity, robust immunity and stamina. It offers respite from colds and flu, and helps to balance the metabolism. With its rich taste and astonishing array of health benefits, The Original Tulsi Tea is, quite simply perfect.

Tulsi is becoming well-known worldwide for its healing,
immune supporting and stress relieving
properties as well as being a rich source of anti-oxidants.

Excellent for your health and absolutely delicious!
Caffeine free herbal tea!

Experience Tulsi'sTraditional Benefits*
Reduces Stress/

    Promotes Calmness & Clarity
    Minimizes Cold & Flu Symptoms
    Balances Metabolism
    Strengthens Immunity & Stamina
    Rich in natural

      People and children of all ages love our teas!
      For maximum health benefits,
      drink Tulsi Tea daily, as much as you like!

      All Organic Ingredients
      Rama Tulsi Ocimum sanctum
      Krishna Tulsi Ocimum sanctum
      Vana Tulsi Ocimum gratissimum